Factors Related to Health Seeking Behaviors among Persons at Risk of Colorectal Cancer



Health seeking behaviors, Among persons at risk of colorectal cancer


The objective of this descriptive correlational research was to identify factors related to health seeking behaviors among persons at risk of colorectal cancer. A multi-state sampling of 122 patients at risk of colorectal cancer were recruited from Gastrointestinal outpatient department in Rajavithi Hospital, Police General Hospital and Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. Data were collected using 6 questionnaires for persons at risk of colorectal cancer: 1) Demographic data form, 2) Illness Perception, 3) Social support, 4) Anxiety, 5) Fear, and 6) Health seeking behaviors. All questionnaires were tested for their content validity by 5 experts. The Cronbach’s alpha coefficient were .86, .89, .86, .87, and .86, respectively. Data were analyzed using Pearson’s product correlation coefficient statistics.

The finding showed that factors were significantly descriptive correlated to health seeking behaviors among persons at risk of colorectal cancer. The 3 factors were illness perception (r = .471), social support (r = .327), and anxiety (r = -.367) significant descriptive correlated to health seeking behaviors among persons at risk of colorectal cancer at the .05.


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