Development of Nursing Practice Guidelines for Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever in Dokkhamtai Hospital


  • Cholada Chaikoolvatana School of Nursing, University of Phayao
  • Wichanee Jaimalai Faculty of Nursing, University of Phayao
  • Kanjana Tachawong Maccormick Faculty of Nursing, Payap University


dengue hemorrhagic fever, nursing practice guidelines


The study aimed to develop and evaluate the effects of nursing practice guideline for patients with dengue hemorrhagic fever by using the framework of the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia (NHMRC). The purposive sampling method was used to select samples of 28 nurses involving care for dengue hemorrhagic fever patients. The research instrument consisted of nursing practice guidelines for dengue hemorrhagic fever, knowledge of dengue hemorrhagic fever questionnaire, nursing practices form and nurse satisfaction questionnaire. The data were analyzed using percentage, mean, standard deviation and paired t-test.

The results revealed that the components of nursing practice guideline for patients with dengue hemorrhagic fever included nursing practice guideline for outpatient and inpatient department. The result after implementation showed that nurses had significantly increase in the mean score of knowledge about dengue hemorrhagic fever and nursing practice at statistical significance of .05. The overall satisfaction of using the nursing practice guideline was rated in high level (mean = 4.26, S.D. = .58) According to the results showed nurses can use the practice guideline for patients with dengue hemorrhagic fever at outpatient and inpatient department. The guideline should be continuously monitoring and evaluation. Furthermore, the guideline should be carried out to determine its effectiveness.


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