Participating in Play without Media Electronic between Child and Caregiver Influencing Child’s Development among Pre-school Children at Dusit District, Bangkok, Thailand


  • Orapen Pongklum Mission Faculty of Nursing, Asia-Pacific International University
  • Jirawan Klommek Mission Faculty of Nursing, Asia-Pacific International University
  • Pannee Pakluck Mission Faculty of Nursing, Asia-Pacific International University
  • Worawalun Bunluesup Mission Faculty of Nursing, Asia-Pacific International University


Participating in play, Play without media electronic, Child’s development, Pre-school children


Research objectives were to study levels of play and to predict the influential of participating in play without using electronic media of caregiver toward appropriate child’s development. Samples were 100 caregivers of 3-5 years old children from Child development centers and schools under Bangkok, Dusit District selected by using simple random sampling technique and inclusion criteria. Research tools were personal questionnaire, the participating in play of caregiver without using electronic media questionnaire. The internal consistency was .90 using Cronbach’s alpha coefficient, and the child development evaluation questionnaire from Developmental Surveillance and Promotion Manual (DSPM) for 3-5 years old, Ministry of Public Health. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and Stepwise Wald-Backward Binary Logistics Regression Analysis.

Results mainly showed participating in play without media electronic of caregiver was at high level. The play involving daily activity, social etiquette, and rules predicted children’ development for 23.4 percent at statistical significance level (p<.05). Research results suggested that we should develop the program that promotes play in family without using electronic media about utilizing daily activity, social etiquette, and rules.


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