Accidental Fall in Elderly: Thai Elderly Confidence Dangers



  • Praseart Srenual Faculty of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences, Phetchaburi Rajabhat University
  • Thanach Kanokthet Faculty of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences, Phetchaburi Rajabhat University


Accidental Fall, Elderly, Confidence


This paper aimed to present the elderly’s confidence in the issues that can cause fall accidents in the elderly. The issue of confidence in health-related behaviors that may lead to overconfidence can result in accidents falling in the elderly 8 issues include: 1) Confidence in Movement 2) Confidence in Visibility 3) Confidence in health. 4) Confidence in decision making. 5) Confidence in exercise. The visual assessment of overall health status, movement, vision and ability to make decisions. Choose the right exercise for yourself. 6) Confidence in the family. 7) Economic confidence. 8) Confidence in the environment. It is an element that contributes to the decision-making of the elderly based on the basic living conditions of the elderly. Induced self-confidence increases or decreases according to the direction of each individual’s family. Family support helps older people to have more confidence in fall prevention.


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