Goals in Life and The Differences of Cognitive Skills, Social Skills, and Pregnancy Prevention Behavior among Adolescent Women in Nakhon Si Thammarat


  • Kannika Saengprajong Walailak University
  • Jirawan Klayvised Walailak University


Goal in life, Cognitive skills, Social skills, Pregnancy prevention behavior, Adolescent women


This descriptive research (purposive sampling) aimed to study and compare cognitive skills, social skills, and pregnancy prevention behavior of adolescent women in Nakhon Si Thammarat with those who had life goals and those without. The subjects were 351 students studying in Mattayom (secondary school) 1-6 and vocational training certificate 1-3. Questionnaires were used to collect personal data, life goals, cognitive skills, social skills and pregnancy prevention behaviors among these teenage women. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and independent samples t-test.

The results indicated that the average age group was 15.8 years (SD = 1.6), had goals in life (80.3%), with the numerically highest goal in life being a good occupation (33.6%). Nearly one-third stated that they were without a goal in life (26.5 percent). The average score of cognitive skills in media literacy skills for the group of those girls with life goals was statistically significantly higher (t = 2.19, p = .02) than those without life goals. In addition, the average score of social skills in self-management of health conditions of those with goals in the life group was statistically significantly higher than those without goals in life group (t = 2.40, p = .01). However, with regard to preventive pregnancy behavior, both groups had an average score not significantly statistically different (t = 0.49, p = .62).


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