Northen Native Recipes with Hight Iron and Vitamin C for The Elderly

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ปิยะภร ไพรสนธิ์
พรทิพย์ สารีโส
พัชราภรณ์ อารีย์
วราภรณ์ เสถียรนพเก้า
อุไรวรรณ ชัยมินทร์
ปิยะนุช พูลวิวัฒน์


Thailand is moving towards a complete aged society in 2021. The elderly are degenerate change both physically and mentally that causes to anemia especially iron deficiency. The research team developed the native recipes have high iron, folate, vitamin B12, and vitamin C to prevent anemia-related malnutrition in the elderly. Collect and select native recipes in the north with 40 community person, select and develop 20 menu and 10 fruits. The knowledge person in community cook, calculate the number of nutrients by Inmucal-V3 found top three high-energy foods include Kanom Jeen Nam Ngeaw (1164.52 Kcal), Khao kan chin (908.40 Kcal) Kaeng Khae Kai (694.16 Kcal), top three menus high iron are Kanom Jeen Nam Ngeaw (56.85 mg.) Khao kan chin (47.85 mg.) Yum Ma Thaw Ma Kheau (9.72 mg.), top three menus high vitamin C are Yum Ma Thaw Ma Kheau (205.22 mg.) Kaeng Phak Chiang Da Pla yang (173.58 mg.) Kaeng Khae Kai (76.68 mg.), the northern local fruit have top three high vitamin C including Guava (383.01 mg.) Lychee Chakrapad (85.20 mg.) pomelo (79.04 mg.). The native recipes have high iron, folate, vitamin B12 and vitamin C adequate to prevent anemia-related malnutrition in the elderly. Therefore, a nurse should promote elderly consumption the native recipes with fruit.


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ไพรสนธิ์ป, สารีโสพ, อารีย์พ, เสถียรนพเก้าว, ชัยมินทร์อ, พูลวิวัฒน์ป. Northen Native Recipes with Hight Iron and Vitamin C for The Elderly. J Royal Thai Army Nurses [Internet]. 2019Dec.30 [cited 2020Feb.20];20(3):383-90. Available from:
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