Associations of Health Literacy and Social Support with Self – Care Behaviors in Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy

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Siratchaya Maraksa
Nitchaphat Khansakorn
Ajchara Vararuk
Nareemarn Nelapaichit


This descriptive study aimed to examine the association of health literacy and social support with self-care behaviors in breast cancer patients receiving chemotherapy in Chulabhorn hospital. The sample consisted of 135 breast cancer patients receiving chemotherapy recruited utilizing a systematic sampling. The data collection was conducted using questionnaires. Data were analyzed using means, standard deviation, Chi-Square test, and multiple logistic regression The results showed that breast cancer patients receiving chemotherapy were of patients aged 60 years old and over (60%), 54.12 years old on average and had a high level of self-care behavior, a high level of health literacy and a high level of social support. Factors related to self-care behaviors of breast cancer patients receiving chemotherapy were the length of illness, health literacy, and social support (p < .05). The results can be applied to promote self-care behaviors in patients with breast cancer patients receiving chemotherapy.


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Maraksa S, Khansakorn N, Vararuk A, Nelapaichit N. Associations of Health Literacy and Social Support with Self – Care Behaviors in Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy. J Royal Thai Army Nurses [nternet]. 2021Sep.5 [cited 2021Nov.28];22(2):435-42. vailable from:
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