Health Believes of Renal Replacement Therapy in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 4


  • Kulruedee Jongthep Faculty of Nursing, Khon Kaen University
  • Nonglak Methakanjanasak Faculty of Nursing, Khon Kaen University


Health belief model, renal replacement therapy, chronic kidney disease


This research is descriptive qualitative study aimed to describe health beliefs of renal replacement therapy in patients with chronic kidney disease stage 4 base on the health belief model. The 15 participants were selected applying purposive sampling. Semi-structure in-depth interview, tape recording and field note were conducted for 4 months, between February to May 2019.

The result of study showed that health beliefs of renal replacement therapy in patients with chronic kidney disease stage 4 included. 1. Perceived susceptibility towards renal replacement therapy characteristic is the more treatment the more health problems. 2. Perceived severity towards renal replacement therapy: Less survival (No health improvement). 3. Perceived benefits towards renal replacement therapy: Unsure about benefits of renal replacement therapy. 4. Perceived barriers towards renal replacement therapy: everything difficult. 5. Cue to action towards renal replacement therapy: Make decision for renal replacement therapy based on 5.1) Education, Information, Experience) 5.2) My own (Fear of Death)


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