Learning Strategy in Nursing Education toward The Development of The Twenty-First Century Learning Skills

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Learning strategy in nursing education toward the development of the twenty-First century skills has objective is to propose guidelines for the development and adjustment of effective teaching and learning in nursing. This article presents the ACTIVE Model as follows: A (Atmosphere of Learning) C (Culture differences) T (Transformative learning) I (Information andtechnology) E (Empowerment) that lead to develop of competent nursing graduates according to the needs of the health system in the 21st century world.


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ส่งวัฒนายุทธป-, ศรีเกษตรินอ, ปาณะวัฒนพิสุทธิ์ส. Learning Strategy in Nursing Education toward The Development of The Twenty-First Century Learning Skills. J Royal Thai Army Nurses [Internet]. 2019Dec.29 [cited 2020May30];20(3):18-6. Available from: https://he01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/JRTAN/article/view/212496
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