Professional Nurses’ Work Life Quality in a Public University Hospital

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จิรานันท์ กาพย์ตุ้ม
นิทัศน์ ศิริโชติรัตน์
ฉัตรสุมน พฤฒิภิญโญ
วัลลีรัตน์ พบคีรี


This is a cross-sectional descriptive research with an objective to measure a quality of work life, to analyze the relation of personal characteristics with work motivation and job characteristic of 364 nurses that have been working in a certain government institute for at least one year. The information has been acquired by questionnaire. The information acquired is statistically analyzed by standard deviation and the relation was analyzed by using Chi-square test and Person correlation coefficient.

The research results found that professional nurses in a public university hospital had a good level of work life quality (Means = 3.76), Work motivation was at a good level (Mean=3.93) and Job characteristic was at a good level (Mean=3.96). Age, practicing time and sufficient amount of income were related to the quality of work life with a statistical significance level of .05. Work motivation and job characteristic had a positive correlation in a public university hospital with a statistical significance level of .01


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กาพย์ตุ้มจ, ศิริโชติรัตน์น, พฤฒิภิญโญฉ, พบคีรีว. Professional Nurses’ Work Life Quality in a Public University Hospital. J Royal Thai Army Nurses [Internet]. 2019Dec.30 [cited 2020Feb.23];20(3):353-62. Available from:
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