Predictive factors of postpartum weight retention

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ณัฐรินทร์ สกุลนิธิวัฒน์


This predictive research aimed at studying the predictive factors of gestational weight gain, postpartum dietary intake, breastfeeding, postpartum depression, and postpartum confinement (yuu fai) on postpartum weight retention at 4-6 weeks. The subjects were 87 mothers who came for a postpartum checkup unit at Warinchamrab Hospital and Sunpasitthi- prasong Hospital. Data were collected by the demographic questionnaire, 24-hr dietary recall, and the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale. Data were analyzed using multiple linear regression analysis. According to the findings, the postpartum mother weight retention at 4-6 weeks had a mean of 5.77 kilograms (S.D. = 3.55). Gestational weight gain and postpartum confinement (yuu fai) were able to co-predict postpartum weight retention at 62.8 percent with statistical significance (F = 30.063, p < .001, adjusted R2 = .628). Gestational weight gain was able to predict postpartum weight retention the most (β = .465, t = 5.840, p < .001), followed by postpartum confinement (β = .444, t = 5.571, p < .001).


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