Health Impact Evaluation of Health Camp by Utilizing Buddhism Alternative Medicine


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  • พิมพ์ณภัส ทับทิม โรงพยาบาลโพธาราม จังหวัดราชบุรี


Evaluation, Thai traditional medicine, Alternative medicine, Health Camp, Buddhist alternative


A community had held a community health camp for 1-7 days by utilizing nine techniques of the Buddhist alternative medicine principles at health camps. The techniques used are; 1. Having various herbs with your meals or herbal drinking, 2. Skin scraping or Guasa, 3. Intestinal detoxification, 4. Hand & foot immersion in warm herbal liquid, 5. Herbal plastering, 6. Exercise or yoga, 7. Balance diet, 8. Relaxation of thought by Buddhism principles, and 9. Self-supervision or maintaining a balanced life. The study investigated health of the participants, health impact assessment through their perceptions and opinions. Questionnaires asked if they used/applied or not used/applied the techniques. The authors used a t-test (p-value < .05) to analyze the collected data. The authors found there were four techniques had statistics significantly different on health impact to campers that were; technique 2 (skin scraping or Guasa), technique 3 (intestinal detoxification), technique 4 (hand & foot immersion in warm herbal liquid), and technique 6 (exercising or practicing yoga) has an impact on the ability of health care (self- supervision) of participants to become more active on ones health. It was found that the other five techniques did not have any effect on those who attended the camps.


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