Development of Self-Care Promotion Program for the Elderly in Rubber Tapper with the Rubber Ring Stretching Exercise and Modified Work Improvement to Reduce Knee Pain


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exercise, rubber ring stretching, ergonomics, elderly knee pain, elderly rubber Tapper


This study is a research and development design. The purpose is to develop self-care promotion program for the elderly in rubber tapper with the rubber ring stretching exercise and modified work improvement to reduce knee pain. This research study was applied the concept of self-care and self-care ability according to Orem’s nursing theory with a review of 21 empirical evidence. The development program from IOWA Model, divided into 2 phases: phase 1: the program component development and the second phase: program feasibility evaluation phase. There are 2 steps for evaluation the quality of the program including content validity and program feasibility. The program developed consists of program using guidelines and program activity plan, the activity medias including rubber ring stretching exercise and modified work improvement handbook, and self-care record form. Program activities divided into phase of evaluation of self-care behavior to relieve knee pain phase and providing health education with demonstration of rubber ring stretching exercise for elders with knee pain for decision making and goal setting of rubber ring stretching exercise and phase of implementation and evaluation phase including evaluation of self-care practice from self-care record form and home visiting once a week. Results of program quality evaluation by experts revealed that all experts agree that the developed program is accurate, appropriate, and simply applicable. Five professional nurses responsible for health promotion are satisfy with the program and indicated that the program is simply and conveniently used.


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