The Birth control Campaign in Adolescents: The Roles of Smart Nurse 4.0


  • รัตติยา ชูโชติ สถาบันการพยาบาลศรีสวรินทิรา สภากาชาดไทย


Teenage pregnancy, Contraceptives uses, Smart Nurse 4.0, Health literacy


Teenage pregnancy problem is an important problem of Thailand. The effect of teenage pregnancy include; maternal and child health, family, economic, and society that impact to country development. Many sectors have been cooperated for prevention and solution of this problem. The main cause of teenage pregnancy related to they did not use contraception and/or not effectiveness. The factors related to this problem include teenage, family, social and media. Smart nurse 4.0 can develop role for the birth control campaign in adolescents by nurse health literacy development, that effect to release this problem in Thailand.


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