Validity and reliability of the Thai version of the Prolonged Grief Disorder-13-Revised scale (Thai PG-13-R) in bereaved relatives

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Klaojai Somjit
Panate Pukrittayakamee
Pinyo Sriveerachai
Pratamaporn Chanthong
Kamonporn Wannarit



Objectives: To translate the Prolonged Grief Disorder-13-Revised (PG-13-R) to Thai and to evaluate the validities and reliability of the Thai version of PG-13-R for evaluating the relatives of the dead persons

Methods: The PG-13-R were translated to Thai through the forward and backward translation by bilingual experts, and then compare and edit until it is close to the original version. The final Thai version was then examined in terms of content validity. Then the 106 relatives of the persons who had died for six months or longer were included into the study in order to test the psychometric properties of the Thai version of PG-13-R. These relatives were included from the Palliative Care Center and the Psychiatric Outpatient Unit of Siriraj Hospital. The data were collected with the direct or telephone interviews in order to evaluate the prolonged grief disorder with the PG-13-R, Inventory of Complicated Grief (ICG) and the prolonged grief disorder according to the DSM-5-TR criteria. Then, the validities regarding the sensitivity and specificity were evaluated by comparing PG-13-R to both ICG and DSM-5-TR. The convergent validity was analyzed by using Spearman’s rank correlation analysis as well as comparing PG-13-R and ICG. The reliability was analyzed by using Cronbach’s alpha.

Results: The Thai version of PG-13-R had item- and scale- content validity index of 1.0. By analyzing and comparing it to the ICG, it had sensitivity of 1.0 and specificity of 0.98. By comparing it to DSM-5-TR, the sensitivity was 0.89 and the specificity was 1.0. Convergent validity analysis by comparing it to the ICG demonstrated Spearman’s rho of 0.93. In the reliability analysis, it was found that Cronbach’s alpha coefficient was 0.86. 

Conclusion: The Thai version of the PG-13-R has the good validities and reliability. It can be used for evaluating the prolonged grief disorder of Thai people. 

Keywords: Prolonged Grief Disorder-13-Revised, validity, reliability 

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Somjit, K., Pukrittayakamee, P. ., Sriveerachai, P., Chanthong, P., & Wannarit, K. (2023). Validity and reliability of the Thai version of the Prolonged Grief Disorder-13-Revised scale (Thai PG-13-R) in bereaved relatives. Journal of the Psychiatric Association of Thailand, 68(1). Retrieved from
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