Factors Associated with Psychological Impact on Adolescents Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

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Worada Peetiya
Palisara Thommachot


Objective: To study factors associated with psychological impact on adolescents due to COVID-19 pandemic

Methods: A cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted in 355 adolescents in grade 10 to 12 from 3 schools in Bangkok, Thailand. Participants were assessed using a self-report questionnaire consisting of sociodemographic data, impacts from COVID-19 pandemic, The Center for Epidemiology Studies Depression Scale (CES-D), The State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAT Y1), Connor – Davidson Resilience Scale (10 Item CD-RISC) and social support.
Data was analyzed by using statistics including Pearson Chi-Square, Fisher’s Exact Test and Binary logistic regression analysis to examine the association between factors and depression, factors and anxiety level due to COVID-19

Results: A sample of 335 adolescents have 37.0% depression. Low, moderate and high anxiety level are 28.3%, 62.4% and 9.3%, respectively. By binary regression analysis, significant factors associated with depression are
perception on high risk of infection, least social distancing and poor support by peers. Factors associated with
moderate anxiety are worsening family relationship and poor support from parents, whereas perception on low risk
of infection and moderate money problem in family have negative correlation with high anxiety level.

Conclusion: This study shows that perception on high risk of infection, low social distancing, money and relationship
problem in family and poor support by peer or family are factors associated depression or moderate to high anxiety


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