MMPI-2-RF Thai Version: Normative Data Collection and Standardization of MMPI-2-RF Thai Version

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Burachai Asawathaweeboon
Worawach Tungjitcharoen
Sucheera Phattharayuttawat


Objectives : To collect normative data and standardized scores for the MMPI-2-RF Thai version and compare Thai normative data with MMPI-2-RF English version 

Materials and Methods : Normative data was collected by licensed clinical psychologists in each region. We collected data from 1,163 participants aged 18-80 years old. Data analysis was conducted by comparing the normative data of the Thai version and English version.

Results : Results showed that from 51 scales, there were no significant differences in K-r, BXD, RC9, JCP and IPP scales. However, comparing T-score and Uniform T-score showed that there were significant differences in F-r, Fp-r, RBS, THD, RC6 and PYSC-r. Other scales, on the other hand, were shown to be significantly similar to English version scores.

Discussion : In addition to the different scales recommended by experts at the University of Minnesota, cultural context plays a part in normalizing the standardization results. The fact that most of the values ​​were close to the standard English version made it more confident to use the Thai version of the MMPI-2-RF as a basis for clinical diagnosis in the country.

Conclusion : Standard scores of the MMPI-2-RF Thai version are appropriate for clinical diagnosis in the Thai population.

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Asawathaweeboon, B. ., Tungjitcharoen, W. ., & Phattharayuttawat, S. . (2022). MMPI-2-RF Thai Version: Normative Data Collection and Standardization of MMPI-2-RF Thai Version. Journal of the Psychiatric Association of Thailand, 67(1), 113–124. Retrieved from
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