Association Between Grit and Medical Professionalism Among Medical Students and Related Factors

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Sotida Phutathum
Assist. Prof. Komsan Kiatrungrit, M.D.
Assoc. Prof. Sirichai Hongsanguansri, M.D.
Assoc. Prof. Varuna Kolkijkovin, M.D.


Objective: To study 1) the effects of academic stress on grit and 2) the association among grit, medical professionalism and academic achievement

Method: A cross-sectional survey study in the fourth- and sixth-year medical students of 2 medical schools was conducted in academic year 2020. The measurements consisted of questionnaire about 1) personal factors, 2) the grit, 3) the academic stress factors and 4) the medical professionalism. Data were analyzed by descriptive statistics and analytic statistic (Pearson’s chi-square, t-test, and simple linear logistic regression).

Results: There are 302 participants in this study. One hundred and sixty-six of them are female and one hundred and seventy-two are sixth year medical students. Academic stress factors cannot predict grit in medical students. However, the self-decide to study can predict their grit. The grit is found to be positively correlated with the medical professionalism (r = .142), subscale of accountability (r = .164) and excellence (r = .175) and academic achievement (r = .179).

Conclusion: The self-decide to study is an important factor in predicting grit which has an emphasis on both the medical professionalism and academic achievement. It is important to organize activities to promote grit, especially in medical students who do not decide to study on their own.

Keywords: medical student, grit, medical professionalism, academic achievement, academic stress

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Phutathum, S., Kiatrungrit, K., Hongsanguansri, S., & กลกิจโกวินท์ ว. (2021). Association Between Grit and Medical Professionalism Among Medical Students and Related Factors. Journal of the Psychiatric Association of Thailand, 66(1), 81–96. Retrieved from
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