Efficacy of Psychosocial Intervention for Preventing Depression In Older Adult Patients with Cancers Undergoing Chemotherapy Treatment

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จามรี ณ บางช้าง
วริญญา อรรถยุกติ


Background : Older adults diagnosed with cancer has grown in prevalence with serious and chronic disease a common factor of mental health problems. Depression among older patients with cancers affects the prognosis and compliance of cancer treatments. Psychosocial intervention is the option for supporting and encouraging patients to have healthy coping skills and good quality of life.

Methods : A quasi-experimental study was conducted on two groups. Subjects were over 60 years old with diagnosed breast, lung and colorectal cancer and each group was consisting of 90 patients for the control group and 90 patients for the experimental group. During a six-week period, the control group received normal care while the trial group received the multidisciplinary care, including psychosocial intervention. The primary mental health issue measured was depression (Thai Geriatric Depression Scale: TGDS-15). Data analysis used independent t-test, fisher’s exact test, and chi-square at 0 3 and 6 weeks to compare difference in both groups.

Results : 180 patients total were enrolled into the study with mean aged of 67.07 years old (60-81), female (56.7%) which basic characteristics not found to be significantly different between the control and experimental groups. Depression was also not found be significantly different in both groups.

Conclusion : Psychosocial intervention not shown to be significantly effective for preventing depression in older patients with cancers undergoing chemotherapy treatment over the course of six weeks, but further study should screen for depression and enroll patients in treatment for a length longer than the 6 weeks of this study.


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