Publication Ethics

Ethic of Editors:

Editors regularly update the review process to ensure that the journal employs a state-of-the-art reviewing system, publish retractions, clarifications, publication, and corrections when needed.  Editors continually improve the quality of the journal quality by assigning suitable reviewers outside the author's organization to evaluate submitted manuscripts. Editors have to inform editorial board members of any changes made to the journal. Besides, editors must:

1. Never disclose any information concerning submitted manuscripts to anyone except reviewers, corresponding authors, the editorial team, or the journal officer, as appropriate.

2. Must be unbiased toward all authors and evaluate manuscripts based on their content without anything else related to the authors such as gender, religious beliefs, citizenship, etc.

3. Must prevent misconduct in submitted and published work concerning plagiarism, data fabrication and/or falsification, duplicate submissions, and citation manipulation. Any manuscript associated with such misconduct will be retracted or withdrawn from the journal.


Ethic of reviewers:

The reviewers should:

1. Decline to review any manuscript that leads to conflicts of interest or outside of the fields of expertise.

2. Assist the editorial team makes an appropriate decision to accept or reject submitted manuscripts.

3. Preserve the confidentiality of all documents and related information undergoing the review process.

4. Provide comments, questions, and/or suggestions regarding the manuscripts to an editor in a timely and unbiased manner.

5. Advise the editors in cases of possible misconduct associated with plagiarism, data fabrication and/or falsification, a duplicate submission, ghost authorship, or citation manipulation.

6. Never use data or materials disclosed through the review process for their benefit without the permission of the authors.


Ethic of authors:

The authors should:

1. Ensure that the submitted manuscript contains original work with sufficient detail and suitable citations. The Thai and English used in the manuscript should be clear and correct.

2. Not submit any manuscript that contains data fabrication and/or falsification, plagiarism, or citation manipulation, is ghost authored, or is a duplicate submission.

3. Not have or attempt to create conflicts of interest.

4. Present sufficient information regarding all authors of the submitted manuscripts.

5. Include proper acknowledgment of research funding agencies and other relevant organizations in the submitted manuscripts.