Factors predicting the occurrence of stroke in hypertensive patients in Khon Kaen province

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Anekpong Hoikum
Luckawee Piyabanditkul
Wirin Kittipichai


Background: Factors predicting the occurrence of stroke in hypertensive patients can provide a guideline for risk behavior modification support in order to prevent or delay stroke.Objectives: The purpose of this research was to study predictive factors of stroke in hypertensive patients in Khon Kaen province.Methods: This case-control study of patients with hypertension who were treated at healthcare units in Khon Kaen province. The sample of 348 patients who had had a stroke less than 1 year was defined as a case group, and 696 patients without stroke defined as a control group. Data collection was performed by interview and a review of patients’ medical records. Data were analyzed by utilizing descriptive statistics, chi-square, and logistic regression analysis.Results: The results of logistic regression analysis showed that the factors that significantly predicted the stroke occurrence in hypertensive patients included having had hypertension for at least 5 years (ORadj 10.66, 95%CI 6.38-17.81), systolic blood pressure >140 mmHg (ORadj 6.55, 95%CI 3.94-10.88), and diastolic blood pressure > 90 mmHg (ORadj 4.40, 95%CI 3.11-6.22), male gender (ORadj 2.66, 95%CI 1.91-3.71), and family history with stroke (ORadj 2.36, 95%CI 1.51-3.70).

Conclusions: Based on the findings, these factors should be taken into account for the prevention of the occurrence of stroke in hypertensive patients. Healthcare providers should emphasize health promotion activities and behavior modifications for these patients to reduce risk factors and delay stroke occurrence.



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Hoikum, A., Piyabanditkul, L. ., & Kittipichai, W. . (2020). Factors predicting the occurrence of stroke in hypertensive patients in Khon Kaen province. JOURNAL OF HEALTH SCIENCE RESEARCH, 14(2), 82–92. Retrieved from https://he01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/JHR/article/view/240570
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