Relationship between universal design houses and incidence of falls in older people

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Degenerative changes with age result in decreased activities in daily life and increased fall risk. The mortality rate for fall-related injuries in older people were three times higher than in people of all age groups. Housing design should be useful and safe enabling the elderly to live in their own homes with quality. The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between the universal design score and the incidence of falls in older people. A total of 213 elderly were selected from  Rangsit city municipality, using multi-stage sampling technique. A questionnaire designed by researchers was used to collect data. The results showed that 16.43%  of  older people  reported 1 or more falls in the past year. The average universal design score was 45.28 + 8.48 (total score = 74) whereas  the bathroom has the lowest score  7.47 + 2.08 (total score = 16). There was a significant relationship between falls and lavatory height (p <0.05, r = -0.161)  falls and toilet lighting  (p <0.05, r= -0.144). Therefore, universal design features may allow older people to live in their house safely.


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