Measurement model of Thai version of beliefs about medicines questionnaire: Testing measurement invariance across gender

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ยศพล เหลืองโสมนภา
ชวนชม พืชพันธ์ไพศาล
ลลิตา เดชาวุธ เดชาวุธ


This aim of this cross - sectional descriptive study was to study invariance measurement model of thai version of beliefs about medicines questionnaire across gender. Participants were 564 adult clients who have been treated at endocrine, heart, renal and respiratory outpatient department, Phrapokklao Hospital, Chathaburi Province. Research tool was the belief about medication questionnaire with alpha 0.85. Data were collected from November 2017 to March 2018. Data were analyzed by using descriptive statistic, and multi-group invariance analysis.

The researchers found that factor form of thai version of beliefs about medicines questionnaire has invariance across gender (gif.latex?\chi2 = 384.54  df = 242  gif.latex?\chi2/df = 1.59  p <.001  RMSEA = .046 NFI = 0.96  CFI = 0.98). Factor form and matrix lambda X of this tool has also invariance across gender gif.latex?\Delta&space;\chi2 = 20.04, gif.latex?\Deltadf  = 14  critical = 23.68 whereas factor form  matrix lambda and matrix theta delta has variance across gender (gif.latex?\Delta&space;\chi2 = 101.16, gif.latex?\Deltadf  = 40 critical = 55.8)

Based on these findings, researchers who will use this tool should be aware in the error term of observe and variance of latent variables which are different in both gender.  


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