Drug and Food Claimed as Drug Buying Behavior Through Radio Advertising of Consumer in Chaiyaphum Province

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Jittima Karin
Kornkaew Chanthapasa


The purpose of this study was to examine the behavior and reason of consumers deciding to purchase drug and food claimed as drug through radio advertising in Chaiyaphum province. Quantitative data were used in this study. The study was collected by accidental random sampling in market during 04.00-08.00 pm for 480 samples. The results showed that most of samples were women (63.96%), 28.54% of samples were

employees, 45.63% of samples had family income as 5,001 to 10,000 baths per month. For buying behavior, this study revealed that 41.25% of samples had bought drug and food claimed as drug after they got the

information through radio advertising. The most common purchased product was “fruit juice for health” (29.80%). They took this product for curing disease, protection and improvement their health and alternative choice for better health. The results suggested that development of media knowledge should concern on both product knowledge and the reason that consumer used to deciding their buying behavior.

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Pharmaceutical Practice


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