Criteria and Recommendations for Authors

The Isan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences is published 4 times a year (January-March, April-June, July-September, and October - December) Journal is pleased to consider the publication of research articles, invited review articles, review articles, and consider other research articles such as short communication to publish as it deems appropriate and must be a work that has never been published in any other journals before And is not considered for publication in any journal The scope of the content covers the following disciplines: pharmacy practice, pharmaceutical care, pharmaceutical technology, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, pharmaceutical botany, pharmaceuticals, and natural products (pharmacognosy and natural products), social and administrative pharmacy, pharmaceutical economics (pharmacoeconomics), nutrition pharmaceuticals (Nutraceutical), Cosmetic sciences and beauty, Biotechnology in Pharmacy (biotechnology) and pharmaceutical genetics (pharmacogenomics)

The editorial team will consider the manuscript according to the format of the journal format if it does not meet the journal criteria. Will return to the author of the article Correct and if correct by the journal criteria. The article will be sent to the editor to propose to the 3 experts in the field (Referee) to evaluate the Double-blind article. The author of the article does not know the name of the assessor. And the appraiser or a professional (Reviewer) does not know the name of the author of the article. It takes approximately 1 month for the articles to be evaluated by experts. The results of the evaluation must be published for 2 in 3 of the experts. And if the experts have suggestions for improvement Articles may be modified, edited, content, form, and style as editorial team deem appropriate. The editorial team will send suggestions. And the form to clarify the amendment of the article to the article author In order to proceed with the amendment within a period of approximately 2 weeks. If the author has reason in accordance with academic principles that cannot be implemented according to the recommendations Please clarify in writing. And the editorial team will send the revised article to the expert to review the amendment results Which, if the result of the consideration has passed the evaluation And the editorial team Will be sent to the editor for acknowledgement in the next order (by considering the period of publication for a total of approximately 3 months) and for the journals to be of international quality and can be referenced Should comply with the following criteria

Preparation of manuscripts

Manuscripts should consist of the following sections: Title, Author Name (s), Affiliation (s),  Contact information for the corresponding author, Abstract in a formatted style not exceeding 400 words, five Keywords, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgments, and References.  The Authors should refer to the current issue on the journal website as a guide for format and general style. Manuscripts should be prepared in MS word documents using Browallia New 18 pt. for Title, 12 pt. for Author Name (s) and 14 pt. for main text with tables and figures separated from the main text. Colour photography will be charged to the author. A manuscript should be limited to 15 pages single spaced A4 with line number markers on the left margin every 5 lines (in Microsoft Word Print View File/Page Setup/Layout/Line Numbers/Count by 5). Measurement units should be expressed in SI units, SI derived units or non-SI units accepted for use with SI. American English spelling should be used.

Format for References

Vancouver style (A-Z) (
Do not reference personal communications or unpublished manuscripts.
Journals abbreviations should follow Index Medicus (

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Manuscript Submission

Manuscripts should be submitted online via the Journal website at and Fees published 50 USD/Article By QR-Code

Please provide the names and email addresses of at least two referees to review the paper.


All published manuscripts are the sole property of the KKU, UBU and MSU Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Thailand.  Reproduction of all or portion of an IJPS article is prohibited unless permission is received from IJPS editorial office. Authors have the right to reproduce with proper acknowledgement and retain the right to any patentable subject material that might be contained in the article.

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