Development of Salt Scrub Prepared from Sea Salt

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Thanawarut Jantanut
Karnchanok Donchot
Napaphak Jaipakdee
Ekapol Limpongsa


Introduction: The objective of this study was to develop body scrub using emulsion base and sea salt.  Physical stability and pilot efficacy and preference studies were also investigated.  Materials and Method: Emulsion bases containing different ratios of oil phase, emollients, stiffening agents or humenctants were prepared and evaluated.  The bases with appropriate properties such as viscosity, tackiness, oiliness and ease of washing were chosen. Salt scrubs with 20% sieved sea salt were prepared and tested for physical stability under accelerated condition.  Suitable salt scrub was pilot studied for efficacy and preference in 30 healthy volunteers.  Results: Emulsion bases containing oil phase ratio less than 40%, emollients 10%, stiffening agents 22-24% and humenctants 24% were chosen to prepare salt scrub.  Developed salt scrubs had good physical stability.  Skin moisture was enhanced significantly after application of developed salt scrub (P=0.005) similar to application of benchmark product (P=0.035).  Developed salt scrub gained similar preference scores as that of a benchmark scrub.  Conclusion: Salt scrub prepared from emulsion base containing 36% oil phase ratio and 20% sieved sea salt  was developed and showed good physical stability under accelerated condition.  Pilot efficacy and preference study of developed scrub was similar to benchmark product.


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