A Knowledge Management in Drug Information Service at Hospitals in Ubon Ratchathani

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Sisira Donsamak
Somchai Suriyakrai


Introduction: The application of knowledge management (KM) in the drug information service (DIS)will enhance the DIS to effi ciently achieve its aims. This will lead to accurate information being provided at thepoint of need to healthcare professionals and patients, improving rational drug use. Method: This research was adescriptive study using questionnaires. The study was focused on the DIS of pharmacy departments at hospitals inUbon Ratchathani. Result: The response rate was 85 % (N = 20). The KM of the drug information services mostlyhad the necessary knowledge that was consistent with achieving the goals of the organization (31%), cooperatingin the pharmacy department in creating and searching knowledge (56%). The majority of drug information servicecreated and searched knowledge through conferences/seminars/workshops (81%). The pharmacist was responsiblefor storing knowledge (50%) in printed form (88%) and electronic form (63%). Communicating and sharing ofknowledge was mostly via documents such as notes, letters (88%). The knowledge was utilized for staff development(100%), work development (94%) and organization development (88%). The problems in knowledge managementwere in knowledge identifi cation, communicating and sharing of knowledge, the application of knowledge andsupporting factor of KM were in high level. The problems of creating and searching the knowledge were in moderatelevel. Conclusion: Most DIS at hospitals in Ubon Ratchathani did not have a policy on knowledge managementfor knowledge transfer, there was no clear model of KM. However, there were activities that were consistent withthe KM process, including determining knowledge, creating and searching knowledge, storing knowledge, sharingknowledge, and knowledge application. In order to empower and enhance effectiveness of drug information servicefor routine work in hospitals, KM models should be developed systematically and a knowledge sharing networkshould be established among hospitals in Ubon Ratchathani.


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Pharmaceutical Practice