Factors Associated with Antibiotics Use among Senior High School Students in Khon Kaen

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Jetnipit Sommart
Pimsiri Auiwattanakul


Introduction: Inappropriate use of antibiotics remains a serious problem in Thailand. Antibiotics have been used to treat bacterial infections repetitiously, which can cause allergic reaction and drug resistance increasingly. Among Thai people who frequently bought antibiotics themselves without doctor’s prescription, most of them lack of knowledge regarding proper antibiotics use. Objective: was to determine factors associated with antibiotics use among senior high school students in Muang District, Khon Kaen Province. Method: This study was cross-sectional descriptive study design. 275 senior high school students were recruited using Multi-stage sampling technique. Data were collected using questionnaire, and analyzed by using multiple logistic regressions was used with 95% confidence interval of the adjusted OR. Results: The results of multiple regression analysis showed that the right to health care service related to antibiotics use with statistically significant (p-value<0.05). The preferential treatment as a medical reimbursement was likely to risk for inappropriate use of antibiotics than 30 baht health care scheme (OR 2.52, 95%CI: 1.10 to 5.76). The other factors not associated with antibiotics use. Conclusion: The finding indicated that the prescribers need to be encouraged in rational use of antibiotics, and also to educate the people remains important issue for providing the appropriate use of antibiotics continually.

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Pharmaceutical Practice
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Jetnipit Sommart, Sirindhorn College of Public Health Khon Kaen Province


I received my Bachelor degree of Public Health from Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University in 2001, Master degree of Public Health from Khon Kaen University in 2007. In 2013, I received my PhD from Khon Kaen University.


I work for Department of Pharmacy, Sirindhorn College of Public Health, Khon Kaen  Province as a lecturer from 1995 – Present.

My particular research interests are in Health promotion, Health education, and Behavioral Sciences.    

Pimsiri Auiwattanakul, Sirindhorn College of Public Health Khon Kaen Province

I work for Department of Pharmacy, Sirindhorn College of Public Health, Khon Kaen  Province as a lecturer

Position: Pharmacist, Senior professional level

My particular research interests are in Health consumer protection, and Health promotion.


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