Factor Affecting Selection Criteria and Behavior of Students and Staffs of Uon Ratchathani University in Using Services from Ubon Ratchthani University Drug Store

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Suttasinee Suwannakul
Sirinda Buasai
Saranrat Rattanadaoruang
Warangkana Yooyen
Chanapon Pomsuwan
Jetsada Kanchanawongsa
Jeerisuda Khumsikiew
Benjabhorn Sethaboppha


Introduction: This research was aimed to study about Ubon Ratchathani University (UBU) students and staffs behavior and opinion about using service provided by community pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UBU (UBUdrug store). Factors that influence customer decision to select drug store were also investigated. Materials and Method: The 508 samples were randomly selected from students and staffs of UBU. The data was collected by using questionnaires. Descriptive statistic was used to analyze data. Results: Our findings from 508 samples, most of them are students without underlying disease. None of them regularly used drugs or healthcare products. The subjects account for merely 93.7% knows the location of drug store, but half of all subjects (52. 2%) never went toward UBU-drug store. The 49% of subjects knows where the drug store location by public relations and 44.9% selected where to buy drug based on reliability of the drug store. Majority of subjects (76%) suggested that increasing in items of health supplementary products would increase number of their UBU-drug store visiting. In addition, most of subjects (72.6%) think that promotional activity by discount for members should be done. In conclusion, to improve service, UBU- drug store should do more public relations activities. Providing promotional activities and products items should be increased.


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Pharmaceutical Practice


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