Dietary Supplement and Over-the-Counter Drug Consumption among the Elderly in Khon Kean City

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Waraporn Phrakraiya
Juthamat Neeranet
Sansanee Chanthasukh
Wannasri Wawngam
Kanchana Jatupan
Sasiwimon Tongpua


This study aimed to survey dietary supplement and over-the-counter drug consumption among the elderly living in an urban area in Khon Kaen. Methods: Totally, 131 participants were recruited in this study. Data were collected in January 2023, using interview questionnaires. Data were analysed using descriptive statistics: percentage, average, standard deviation, median, max and min.  Results: Most of participants were female (70.99%) with average age 70.20 years old. This study found that majority of the elderly participants consumed essence of chicken (34.35%), dietary supplement: collagen (14.50%), complete nutrition products (10.69%), dietary supplement: algae (10.69%), and over-the-counter drugs (6.11%). Many of participants (46.56%) purchased from convenience stores, and most of these senior citizens (88.55%) had these products for their health care.  Popular dosage form was solutions/liquids (54.20%). Regarding product-related performance, 55.73 % of participants frequently or always consume the products which has registration number on the label, and 43.51% of participants frequently or always read labels of the products. However, merely 35.11 % of participants frequently or always search for further information or consult their family doctor before having the products. Conclusions: The elderly in Khon Kaen City consumed various kinds of dietary supplement products and over-the-counter drugs.

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Pharmaceutical Practice


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