Physical and Chemical Stability of Glycerin Formulations Containing Extracts from Albizia myriophylla and Cha-Em-Thang Song

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Puwadet Ritdet
Rattanawadee Masthong
Surasak Limsuwan
Oraphan Sakulkeo
Nantiya Joycharat


Introduction: The objective of this research was to study on physical and chemical stability of glycerin formulations containing extracts from Albizia myriophylla and Cha-Em-Thang Song (Albizia myriophylla and Glycyrrhiza glabra). Methods: Two forms of glycerin formulations, including those containing extracts from Albizia myriophylla and Cha-Em-Thang were prepared. The physical and chemical stability of the prepared formulations was determined under accelerated and real-time storage conditions, compared to that of formulations on Day 0. Results: After the product was prepared (day 0), the results showed that glycerin formulations of Albizia myriophylla and Cha-Em-Thang Song have yellowish brown to red, smooth texture, no layer separation, no precipitation and sediment on edge of the container, viscosity ranging from 117.33 to 145.00 cP, pH 7.00, similar total phenolic contents, and beta-sitosterol in TLC chromatograms. The results of freeze-thaw test and real-time test revealed that both glycerin formulations tend to have good physical and chemical stability with slight changes in color, precipitation, and sediment on edge of the container. Conclusion: Both prepared glycerin formulations had similar physical and chemical stability. These results may be used as information for further development of more stable herbal products containing extracts from Albizia myriophylla and Cha-Em-Thang Song for the remedy of oral inflammatory diseases.


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Pharmaceutical Sciences


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