Training Needs and Abilities in the Implementation of Consumer Protection Relating to Health Products at the District Level of Thailand

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Jareeluck Hinsui
Pennapa Sriring


A survey of training needs and abilities is the initial process of a program development, training, and preparing a trainee. The information obtained is inputted for implementation of the next training cycle. Objective: To undertake a survey of training needs and performances for public health executives in the implementation of consumer protection relating to health products as well as testing the relationships between the abilities and the past training.  Methods: Tools used consisted of questionnaires relating to training needs and abilities for implementing. Data was collected by sending the questionnaires to 847 public health executives in Thailand by post. The questionnaires were self-administered then returned to the researcher between November 1st, 2016 to January 31st, 2017. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, t-test and Chi-Square test. Results: 329 respondents completed the questionnaires. Most of them were male with the mean age 51.0 yrs (SD 6.52). A half of the respondents had ever been trained in consumer protection relating to health products in last two years and 79.3% required more training. The main source of information regarding consumer protection of health products was the consumer protection section of the provincial health office, website and television. The top of training needs consisted of the skills for 83.0% competent officials and law enforcement, 61.7% health product surveillance, 58.4% information management and 55.9% communication skill in negotiation respectively.  From a full score of 5, the average score of the performance in the implementation of consumer protection relating to health products was 3.05 (SD 0.77). The ability was statistically significantly correlated with the training experience. The ability score of public health executive with training experience was 2.44 times higher than those without experience (OR = 2.44, 95%CI 1.30-4.53). Conclusion: Public health executive expressed the need of training program to improve their skills, thus enhance performance at district level. The abilities of public health executives were recognized to be at a moderate level. Training experience was associated to the ability score to perform consumer protection roles. Therefore, it was necessary to have the additional training to meet a high level of their professional skills.


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Pharmaceutical Practice


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