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               The purposes of this research were 1) to analyze the factors of coping strategies testing of the metropolitan police, 2) to develop individual counseling by assimilative integrating theory, and 3) to compare the effect of individual counseling on coping strategies of the metropolitan police. This research was divided into two phases. Phase 1 was developed the coping strategies testing of the metropolitan police by factor analysis. The samples were 720 policemen which were selected by random sampling from metropolitan police headquarters. Phase 2 was studying the effect of individual counseling by assimilative integrating theory. Police officers were randomly assigned from one commander to one control group and one police officer from one commander to a trial group of 15 persons, totaling 30 persons, participated in an integrated personal counseling program. Data were analyzed by repeated measures ANOVA of one factor between the groups and one factor within the group, paired-different test by Newman-Keuls procedure.

               Research findings were as followed: 1) The coping strategies comprised of 8 factors, including problem solving, cognitive restructuring, social support, express emotions, problem avoidance, wishful thinking, social withdrawal and self-criticism - model fit ( χ2 (649) = 669.54, p = .07, GFI = .99, AGFI = .98). Problem solving had the highest standard factor loading. 2) The statistical significance at the .05 level was found on the metropolitan police who attended the individual programming counseling. They had higher coping strategies scores at the posttest and the follow-up phase than at the pretest phase. There was an interaction effect between experiment method and the duration of time at the .05 level of significance.


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