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             The purposes of this research were to develop a mobile web-based health education system for postpartum women and to study user satisfaction level. A responsive web application was used as a mean to deliver health information to 125 postpartum women at Pathum-Thani Hospital. Research instruments were online five-scale questionnaires were used to collect user satisfaction level and data were analyzed by using descriptive statistics including frequency, percentage, mean, and standard deviation.

             The results indicated that the overall samples’ satisfaction with a mobile web-based health education system was at a high level (M = 4.48, SD = .51). The satisfaction with the up-to-date information was the highest level (M = 4.68, SD = .60). Their satisfaction with referable knowledge (M = 4.57, SD = .66), well-structured information (M = 4.52, SD = .73), and fast access time (M = 4.52, SD = .63) was at high levels, respectively.


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Research (บทความวิจัย)


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