Family Function and Internet Addiction among Early Adolescents

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Nattasaran Kitisri
Darawan Thapinta
Sombat Skulphan


This descriptive correlational research aimed to examine the relationship between family function and internet addiction among early adolescents. The samples consisted of 430 early adolescents aged 12–15 years, studying at schools in Chiang Mai Province. The research instruments consisted of the demographic questionnaire, the Chulalongkorn Family Inventory with the reliability of .82, and the Internet Addiction Test with the reliability of .89. Data were collected from January to March, 2019. Statistics used for data analysis included frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, and Spearman rank correlation.

The research results revealed that family function was positively statistically significant related to internet addiction among early adolescents (rs = .150, p < .05).

This research suggests that nurses and related personnel working with adolescents should monitor adolescents’ internet addiction and give an appropriate assistance as well as promote the family functions among adolescents in order to reduce the internet addiction problem.


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