A Development of a New Model in Admitting at Outpatient Department, Priest Hospital


  • Petchanee Vongmak Master, Faculty of Public Health, Mahidol University
  • Somchart Torugsa Faculty of Public Health, Mahidol University


Admitting, Outpatient department, Model development


This experimental development research aimed to develop a new model in admitting at outpatient department, Priest Hospital using the existing resources. The samples consisted of 2 groups; one group was the admitting activities in an experimental area (60 times) and a control area (60 times), another group was person regarding the admitting at outpatient department included administrators, service providers, and clients. The research instruments included a new model in admitting at outpatient department, Priest Hospital, four recording forms, one check list, and three questionnaires. The implementation and data collection were conducted from February to June, 2015. Statistics used for data analysis were Mann-Whitney U test and Wilcoxon signed-rank test.

The research results revealed that 1) a new model in admitting at outpatient department, Priest Hospital has been developed by applying relevant academic concepts and principles; and 2) after the experiment, an experimental area had statistically significant better working results than before the experiment:- the average workload per workforce (p < .001), the accuracy of work (p < .001), the average service time (p < .001), the average workforce consumed (p < .001), the service providers’ satisfaction (p < .001), the clients’ satisfaction (p < .001), and cost per service providing unit (p < .001).

This research suggests that the providers in outpatient department should implement this model in admitting in order to ensure that appropriate admitting activities are in an effective manner. Additionally, the nurse administrators should promote this model in admitting as a guideline to effective hospital admitting in other illness clients.


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