A Synthesis of Theses and Independent Studies in Master of Nursing Science Program in Community Nurse Practitioner, Faculty of Nursing, Huachiew Chalermprakiet University

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Kamontip Khungtumneam, Ph.D.
Vanida Durongritichai, Dr.P.H.
Piyarat Samantarath, Ph.D.
Patcharee Rasamejam


This research synthesis aimed to analyze the characteristics of theses and independent studies and to synthesize the findings of these studies. The samples were 74 published studies in Master of Nursing Science Program in Community Nurse Practitioner, Faculty of Nursing, Huachiew Chalermprakiet University between 2007 and 2016. The research instrument was a survey form of research summary and synthesis of information. Data were collected from January to June, 2017 and were analyzed using frequency, percentage and content analysis.

The research results revealed that most studies in the program were descriptive research (40.54%), the purpose of these studies focused on developing clinical nursing practice guideline (41.89%), the main target was diabetic patient (22.97%), using descriptive statistics (55.40%), and the studies could be beneficial for secondary and tertiary prevention (27.03% equally). The target groups of these studies were divided into 3 categories:- the physical health problems, the mental health problems, and the risk for health problems.

This research suggests that the nursing executives should take the research results regarding research design, target group, characteristic of health status, and caring guideline for learning and teaching management and curriculum development.


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Research Report (รายงานการวิจัย)


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