The Effect of Preparatory Information Program on Anxiety in Patients undergoing Open Heart Surgery

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Yadpirun Kunnahong
Noraluk Ua-kit


     This quasi-experimental research aimed to study the effect of preparatory information program on anxiety in patients undergoing open heart surgery. The participants were heart disease patients, both male and female, aged 18 - 59 years, received for open heart surgery at the Vajira Hospital. The participants were assigned to the control and experimental groups (22 for each group) with matched pair technique by age, types of disease and anxiety levels. The control group was received conventional nursing care, while the experimental group received the preparatory information program. Research instruments were composed of preparatory information program, including lesson plans, power point presentation, Handbook for preparation and video interviewing of models on Preparation of patients receiving open heart surgery. demographic information, The State Anxiety Inventory: from X-I (Spielberger) and a test of knowledge about the practice before and after open heart surgery. Two instruments were validated by 5 experts with the content validity indexes of .92 and .86, respectively. The internal consistency reliability of the two instruments were .86 and .81, respectively. Descriptive statistics and t-test were used to analyze the data.

     The results revealed as the followings. The mean score of anxiety after receiving the preparatory information program was significantly lower than that before receiving the program at the significant level of .05. The mean score of anxiety after receiving the preparatory information program in experimental group was significantly lower than that in the control group at the significant level of .05. In conclusion, patients undergoing open heart surgery after receiving the preparatory information program, anxiety was less than before the program and the group who received normal nursing care. The recommendations from this study is nurses can implement an informational preparation program in the care of patients undergoing open heart surgery to reduce anxiety and reduce post-operative complications.


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