Effects of Health Literacy Promoting Program on Blood Pressure Control Behaviors among Elderly with Hypertension

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Apichaya Kongsa
Plernpit Boonyamalik
Patcharaporn Kerdmongkol


          This quasi-experimental study aimed to evaluate the effects of health literacy promoting program on blood pressure control behaviors among elderly with hypertension. The samples comprised of 60 individuals from the prominent club of Bang Phlat District, Bangkok, aged over 60 years old, both male and female who were diagnosed with unknown hypertension and could communicate in Thai. The study subjects were cluster randomly assigned into two groups. The experimental group received a 4-week program to promote health literacy that consisted of 4 activities; 1) provision of knowledge in related to hypertension and blood pressure control behaviors, 2) group discussion, 3) learning and sharing experiences, and 4) demonstration and return-demonstration as well as providing a handbook of self-care for hypertension. The comparison group that received normal health services, was also provided with knowledge related to hypertension and blood pressure control behaviors and a handbook of self-care for hypertension at the end of the study. Data were collected by an interview questionnaire before, after, and during the follow-up period after a 2-week intervention. The interview questionnaire’s content validity was .94. Cronbach’s Alpha was applied for determining a reliability of questionnaire testing as .71. The data were analyzed by using Chi - Squares test, Repeated measure one-way ANOVA and the Independent t-test.

          The results revealed that the participants in the experimental group were significantly increased the mean scores of blood pressure control behaviors higher than those in the comparison group after receiving the program at 4th week and during a follow - up period at 6th week (p < .00). The recommendations from this study are the program can be applied to promote health behaviors among healthy elderly as well as those with other chronic diseases.

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Kongsa, A., Boonyamalik, P., & Kerdmongkol, P. . (2020). Effects of Health Literacy Promoting Program on Blood Pressure Control Behaviors among Elderly with Hypertension. Kuakarun Journal of Nursing, 27(2), 90–102. Retrieved from https://he01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/kcn/article/view/179730
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