Guillain Barre syndrome associated with COVID-19 infection


  • Chaiwat Klinhom-on


Guillain Barre syndrome, Covid19


          Guillain Barre syndrome is a disorder involving a numbness, weakness, or
weakness of the cranial nerves caused by an inflammation of the peripheral
nerves or spinal nerve roots as a result of a bacterial or viral infection. Patients
may have mild or severe symptoms that can lead to respiratory failure requiring
mechanical ventilation, or even so severe that it can lead to death. Since the end
of 2019, with the Covid 19 outbreak spreading in many countries around the
world, although the Covid 19 virus mainly affects the respiratory system, it has
been found that there are patients with false neurological symptoms both during
the Covid19 infection and follows after the respiratory infection has been cured.
Guillain Barre syndrome is found to be one of the neurological symptoms
associated with infection with Covid19, a newly found outbreak of the virus, and
we do not currently know about the relationship between this virus and its effects
to the entire nervous system. Therefore, it is necessary to collect information to
be useful in understanding the pathogenesis of the Covid19 virus in the future.


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