Aims and Scope

          The PSU Medical Journal (PSUMJ) is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal that focuses on, but is not limited to, articles (in Thai or English languages) in clinical medicine, especially those related to the health of the people in southern Thailand or the Malay peninsula. Articles on biomedical science and engineering, translational medical research, precision medicine, health systems research, and health economics. Priority is given to these fields of research:
          - All fields of clinical medicine
          - Translational medical research, biomedical science and engineering
          - Innovative medical technology
          - Radiological technology
          - Physical therapy, rehabilitation and regenerative medicine
          - Health systems research and health economics
          - Contemporary health problems such as air pollution and emerging infectious diseases
          - Health problems in southern Thailand

          Articles can be submitted as an original article (original research report, systematic review or meta-analysis), a review article, a case report (brief research report, technical report or clinical case report including surgical-radiological-pathological (SPC) review. For more details on manuscript preparation and submissions, refer to the Author’s Instructions page.