A 6-Month Clinical Pilot Study of Guided Bone Regeneration with or without Platelet-Rich Fibrin: A Randomized Controlled Trial

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Nuanthip Tapaneeyakorn
Subin Puasiri
Saengsome Prajaneh
Waraporn Suwannarong


The purpose of study was to compare clinical wound healing and alveolar ridge gain in horizontal and vertical bone defects by guided bone regeneration (GBR) with or without platelet-rich fibrin (PRF). A randomized controlled clinical trial (split-mouth) in 10 healthy patients (7 females, 3 males) with bilateral localized alveolar ridge defects was selected. GBR was performed by using allograft and collagen membrane in both control and test groups, but PRF membrane was used only in the test group.  PRF membrane was obtained from venous blood sample of 10 cc mixed with allograft and to cover the collagen membrane before flap closure in the test group. Outcomes were assessed by Visual Analog Scale (VAS), Healing Index (HI) score and alveolar ridge gain in both horizontal and vertical bone defects by Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCTs). The result of mean VAS showed no significant difference in both groups. Mean HI score in the test group was higher than the control group at day 3, 7 and 14, but statistical significance (p=0.046) was found at day 14.  Buccal alveolar ridge width was gained in both groups with no significant difference. Increasing of soft tissue thickness was also found in both groups. In conclusion, using PRF membrane as biomaterial in conjunction with GBR can promote early wound healing process. Furthermore, larger sample size and long-term studies are needed to confirm the positive effect of PRF in enhancing the bone regeneration.


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Tapaneeyakorn N, Puasiri S, Prajaneh S, Suwannarong W. A 6-Month Clinical Pilot Study of Guided Bone Regeneration with or without Platelet-Rich Fibrin: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Khon Kaen Dent J [Internet]. 2020 Aug. 25 [cited 2023 Jan. 29];23(2):74-89. Available from: https://he01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/KDJ/article/view/230555
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