Orthodontic Treatment in Patient with Gingival Enlargement: A Case Report

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Tanaporn Ruksujarit
Kunakorn Trimetsuntorn
Aggasit Manosudprasit


Gingival enlargement can be found in orthodontic patients. Thorough history-taking and clinical examination are important for diagnosis and treatment plan. The keys to successful treatment are to obtain a proper diagnosis of the problem and the interdisciplinary team which is needed to treat the patient. This report presented about an adult Thai male, Class II malocclusion with chronic inflammatory gingival enlargement. After five years and eight months under the treatment, the patient’s malocclusion was corrected. Gingival enlargement was successfully corrected, before and during orthodontic treatment by gingivectomy. After a year of follow-up, the result was stable and there was no recurrence of gingival enlargement.


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Ruksujarit T, Trimetsuntorn K, Manosudprasit A. Orthodontic Treatment in Patient with Gingival Enlargement: A Case Report. Khon Kaen Dent J [Internet]. 2020 Aug. 25 [cited 2023 Jan. 29];23(2):90-9. Available from: https://he01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/KDJ/article/view/188420
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