Intelligence Quotient of Patients with Autism in Srinagarind Hospital

  • Papan Vadhanavikkit Department of Psychiatry,Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University
Keywords: intelligence quotient, autism


Objectives   To determine the average Intelligence quotient (IQ) and its related factors in the patients with autism treated in Srinagarind Hospital


Methods   This study was a retrospective descriptive study by reviewing the medical records and WISC-III scores of 6-16 -year-old patients with DSM-IV-TR met autistic disorder. The patients were treated in child and adolescence psychiatric outpatient unit, Srinagarind Hospital, Khon Kaen University from 1st January 2009 to 31st December 2011. Data were presented with descriptive and analytical statistics and analyzed by STATA 10.0.


Results   Thirty three patients were included in this study. There were 31 males (93.94%). The average age was 10.07 years (SD 2.46). The mean full scale IQ was 97.97 (SD 24.14). IQ of most patients was in an average range (90-109). Mean verbal IQ was 94.45 (SD 23.31) with highest scores on similarities subtest (Mean 9.94, SD 4.88) and lowest scores on digit span subtest (Mean 7.45, SD 3.45). Mean performance IQ was 102.21 (SD 24.18) with highest scores on block design subtest (Mean 11.12, SD 4.23) and lowest scores on coding subtest (Mean 8.85, SD 3.71). Most patients had WISC-III profile characterized by performance IQ > verbal IQ (45.45%). Medical conditions and taking psychostimulants were statistically significant related to the IQ (β= -23.26, 95%CI [-41.85,-4.66], p= 0.02 and β= 19.79, 95%CI [2.99, 36.59], p= 0.02 respectively).


Conclusion   The Intelligence quotient of patients with autism in this study was in an average range. They performed well on general knowledge, logical and abstract thinking. However, they had difficulties in attention, social judgment, perception and processing speed. Medical conditions and taking psychostimulants had negative and positive association with IQ respectively. 


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