Mental Health Survey in Healthcare Personnel of Samut-Sakorn Hospital during 2008

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Hansa Leelatanaporn


Objective: To survey the mental health of healthcare personnel of Samut-Sakorn Hospital during 2008 and explore factors associated with mental health.
Method: A descriptive cross-sectional survey was conducted during February 1st - May 31st, 2008. Participants were 1,162 healthcare personnel of Samut-Sakorn Hospital, there was response
rate 85.8%. A self-rating questionnaire was used as an instrument. The questionnaire consists of 3 parts : 1) demographic data of population characteristics and factors associated with mental
health 2) Suanprung Stress Test Questionnaire consisting of 20 items 3) Thai Depression Screening Test Questionnaire consisting of 15 items. Statistical analysis used percentage, mean and Pearson chi-square.
Results: Most Healthcare personnel had a moderate level of stress (47.7%) and no depression (72.6%). Some had a high to very high level of stress (36.9%) and depression (27.5%). Non-medical personnel had higher stress than medical personnel. The department of pharmacy, medical ward, pediatric ward, emergency ward and intensive care unit had significantly high to very high level of stress. Significant factors associated with high level of stress were depression (p= 0.516) and years at the job (p= - 0.145). Working and financial strain were mentioned as most common causes.
Conclusion: 47.7% of Samut-Sakorn hospitalûs personnel had moderate level of stress and 72.6% had no depression. Significant factor associated with stress was working problems.
Therefore, stress management for personnel and hospital policy were important to improve their mental health and cheer up their environment to be alert and enjoy their jobs. Mental health
promotion is needed to protect them from mental illness and will improve work-efficiency.

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Hansa Leelatanaporn, Psychiatrist, Department of psychiatry, Samut-sakorn Hospital