Resilience among Patients with Substance-Related Disorders in The Restive Area of South Thailand Insurgency

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Chonnakarn Jatchavala
Adisak Ngamkajornviwat


Objective :

To examine the level of resilience and its associated factors among patients diagnosed with substance-related disorders in the restive area of Thailand’s Southern Region

Materials and Methods :

This cross-sectional survey studied patients with substance-related disorders that were aged 18-60 years old at ThanyarakPattani Hospital, an excellence center for addiction located in the insurgency-affected unrest part of Southern Thailand. The study was conducted between April 1 and June 30, 2016. All of the participants completed the personal information and Thai resilience questionnaires (Thai-RQ) by themselves. The data were analyzed for descriptive statistics and the logistic regression.

Results :

All 92 patients with substance-related disorders were male. The average resilience scores were at a normal level (58.7 ± 8.6), most of them were scored (59%). Only 28.3% of the participants were below the normal range for resilience, and 9.8% were higher than average. There was no statistically significant association between resilience and any of these factors: age, marital status, religion, level of education, occupation, income, history of familial addiction, order of birth, peer influence on substance use, and confidence for relapse prevention.

Conclusion :

Patients with substance-related disorders in the insurgency-affected area of Thailand’s South had standard-level mean resilience scores, and most of them also had a normal level of resilience. No external or internal factor related to their personal information were associated with resilience among this population.


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