Gender Specific Psychosocial Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder: 2 Cases Report

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Somporn Rungreangkulkij
Pakapan Woottiluk
Ratchadaporn Thamnoi
Ratchanee Srihirun


Objective: To present two cases report on using gender specific psychosocial treatment for alcohol use disorder.
Method: A male and female patient who received treatment for alcohol use disorder by nurses at a community hospital. Two cases report based on using gender specific psychosocial treatment
Findings: The therapist assessed problems related to drinking and found that there were gender issues related to drinking problem. Female patient was under stress because of being abused by her husband. The therapist listened and accepted how the patient
managed the stress and educated her about the Act of Protection of Women and Children. Her children had paticipated in therapy process. The therapist supported her goal for being a good mother. Male patient had a reason to drink alcohol for reducing
stress from being a breadwinner. The therapist taught him how to communicate his feeling to the family members. Six months follow up, the female patient has reduced alcohol consumption but the male patient was abstaining.

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Rungreangkulkij, S., Woottiluk, P., Thamnoi, R., & Srihirun, R. (2013). Gender Specific Psychosocial Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder: 2 Cases Report. Journal of the Psychiatric Association of Thailand, 57(3), 313–322. Retrieved from
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Somporn Rungreangkulkij, Center for Research and Training on Gender and Women,s Health. Faculty of Nursing, Khon Kaen Uniersity

Pakapan Woottiluk, Fauclty of Nursing, Chiang Mai University

Ratchadaporn Thamnoi, Li Hospital, Lamphun

Ratchanee Srihirun, Nakornping Hospital, Chiang Mai