Factors associated with caregiver burden of schizophrenia patients

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Thitiyaphorn Pimwan
Nisita Natprayut


Objective: To study factors associated with caregiver burden of schizophrenia patients

Methodology: This study was a cross-sectional analytical study of schizophrenia patients’ caregivers in the urban area of Nakhon Ratchasima. Data were collected by using a questionnaire about the demographic data of caregiver and schizophrenia patient, a questionnaire about the holistic health of caregiver and Zarit burden interview (Thai version). Data ware analyzed by descriptive statistics and analytical statistics by using multiple logistic regression presented with odds ratio.

Results: Eighty caregivers were included in this study. Mean age was 55.2±13.69 years. 72.5 % were female participants. 38.8 % of caregivers were parents of patients. 36.3 % of caregivers took care of patients less than 4 hours per day. The number of female schizophrenia patients was equal to male patients. The range of age of patients 46 to 60 years as 46.3 %. Most of the patients were well-compliance of medication used as 81.3 %. In the part of holistic health, Most of the caregivers had fair self-care behaviour, good physical health, coping skill by emotional management, good mental health, good social support and fair spiritual health which were calculated as 72.5 %, 83.8 %, 60.0 %, 53.8 %, 96.3 % and 85.0 %, respectively. Caregiver burden was reported at 38.8 %.

Conclusions: Factors associated with caregiver burden of schizophrenia patients are the time to spend for caregiving (hours/day), the mental status of caregivers, the age of schizophrenia patients, and the history of medication used. All of these factors are able to adjust caregiver burden prediction as 35.7 %.

Keywords: factor, burden, caregiver, schizophrenia, holistic

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