Dissociative amnesia and treatment in adolescent: case report

  • กษมา เทพรักษ์ กลุ่มงานจิตเวชและยาเสพติด โรงพยาบาลพิจิตร
Keywords: dissociative amnesia, psychotherapy


Dissociative amnesia falls under the umbrella of psychiatric dissociative disorders, which is an inability to recall important autobiographic information, usually of a traumatic or stressful nature, that is inconsistent with ordinary forgetting. That most often consists of localized or selective amnesia for a specific event or events; or generalized amnesia for identity and life history. This report presents; patient history, physical and mental status examination, psychological testing, treatment and the results in 16-year-old female dissociative amnesia patient. This patient has retrograde amnesia but not effect anterograde amnesia. Psychological test while patient having symptoms provided an increased understanding of the internal state of mind. Medication and psychotherapy in this patient improved symptoms of amnesia and loss of her identity.


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