Depression and Suicidal Behaviors among Naresuan University Students

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Sukanya Rukkhajeekul



: To study the prevalence, factors related to, and characteristics of depression and suicidal behaviors among Naresuan University Students  

Methods :

This was a descriptive cross-sectional survey. Samples were undergraduated students and randomly selected for 10% from every faculties. Also, Each 10% from each of the faculty were distributed equally according to the number of years of the course. The total number of samples were 1,600 students in 2008 academic year. The questionnaires used in this study were the general data questionnaire, Beck depression inventory (BDI- Thai version) and the risk of suicidal behavior questionnaire. The statistic methods used were mean, frequency, percent, standard deviation and logistic regression analysis.

Results : The prevalence rate of depression was 24%. The risk factors of depression were female, age younger than 20 years old, studying in the faculty of nursing, poor relationship with father, mother and friends, no consultation with friends, having distress in past one month

and having personal disease. (p<.05).The lifetime incident of suicidal attempt and self-injuries


Conclusion :

The results of this study can be implemented to prevent and rescue the students who were depressed and having suicide attempt. Furthermore, These could be applied to helps students in other universities.

were 6.4% and 12.1%.Most of the students who tried to kill themselves had history of suicidal attempt in the last 2 years or longer and using dormitory and home as a place to do suicide respectively. The causes of suicide were quarrel with friends or closed person, problem in studying and disappointment in love respectively. Methods of suicide were drug overdosing and grazing wrist. A month before suicide, the most of students who tried to kill themselves did not seek help. In case of seeking help, they would get help from their friends.


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